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Mobile phone jammer cabinet contributes to information security

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Mobile phone jammer cabinet is used to block mobile phones and other electronic devices. The mobile phone jammer cabinet is a metal enclosure that can isolate the signals from the outside of the device without affecting the normal use of the surrounding people or equipment. Mobile phone jammer cabinet have excellent heat dissipation functions that can effectively improve work efficiency. In addition, its installation method has been greatly improved, and it can be used together with various types of antenna cabinets to adapt to various working environments. Mobile phone jammer cabinet not only has strong shielding effect on signals such as radio waves and electromagnetic waves in a certain range, but also has many advantages such as wear resistance and anti-corrosion ability.

The perfect shield effect is the best, no signal can penetrate, no signal can be leaked and no signal can be detected. Some people may think that the phone jammer cabinet has a certain degree of leakage. The answer is: there are no leaks at all. Why? Because after the interception of cell phones such as CDMA/GSM/LTE signals, they will be intercepted by mobile jammers in the form of interference waves and then reflected back to the base station receiver where they will never be able to reach your target location again!

No matter how many times you choose to use it or what kind of devices you want to block (for example: WiFi routers), it will always provide effective protection for your personal privacy and information security!

Intelligent heat dissipation and protection

Heat dissipation. The cabinet of the jamming equipment is made of heat-dissipating material, and it is equipped with a fan, a heat pipe and other cooling devices for heat dissipation. The temperature of the cabinet is kept at about 50 degrees Celsius even under high-load conditions. This ensures that your device works smoothly without any problem.

The mobile phone jammer cabinet can be used in the office, home, school and other places. It can block all kinds of signals from different frequency bands and from different countries.

Mobile phone jammer cabinet contributes to information security

Mobile phone jammer cabinet is used to block the signal of mobile phone in the closed space. It is a kind of electronic equipment, which can block the signal by using electromagnetic waves. The installation of mobile phone jammer cabinet is not difficult and it can be used at any time when you need it. You can use this product during meetings or conferences or when you want to make sure that no one will disturb your conversation with friends.

At present, more and more mobile phone jammer cabinets are used in various places. In hotel rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, hospitals and other places, the use of mobile phone jammer cabinets has become increasingly common. Mobile phone jammer cabinets have a lot of advantages and have great benefits to information security.