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Mobile jammers are legal for destroying signals

jammer 4g portable

The future tense has seen people using cell phone jammers to keep quiet on their way home from work. According to a rare question and answer (PDF) that has been released,

“In recent days, there have been various news reports that commuters are using cell phone jammers to invent a ‘quiet zone’ on a bus or train. We are warning consumers to use cell phones or 5G jammers. FCC enforcement agencies have a zero-tolerance policy in this area and will take aggressive action against violators.

Wifi and GPS jammers are also legal. the FCC says: “Mobile jammers cannot distinguish between social or other telephone calls and emergency calls with family members or 9-1-1 emergency responders. GPS and Wi-Fi jammers can maliciously disrupt traditional and critical communications services.”

Readers also noted that companies selling cell phone jammers can have no fierce awareness of privacy for their customers. Someone from allegedly emailed the blog with information about the model he purchased, the date of sale and other information. Thus, even if the person sitting next to you on the subway is constantly talking about their recent visit to the dermatologist, resist the excitement of interrupting the conversation.