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In general, we recommend that you use a general-purpose GSM/GPS signal jammer. In this case, the tracker installed in your car will not be able to send information about your future position, speed, etc. Otherwise, you’ll have to use sophisticated GPS jamming devices to block communication between the satellite and the tracker. In this situation, the tracker can’t determine your location, but it still has a connection to the dispatch and tells it that the satellite signal has been lost.

Also note that these trackers can have other modules, such as fuel gauges, built-in accelerometers, and other modules that don’t require a GPS signal to function properly. All data collected with these modules is sent to the dispatcher over the GSM frequency, and they can see it whether you have the gsm jammer turned on or off. Indeed. If you want to jam GPS but still want to talk on your phone, you need to use a GPS jammer. This device blocks all GPS signals in its mission area, so the GPS module on Sprint CDMA phones will not work.

Even if the GPS module starts working, it’s completely useless without a GPS signal to find your location, and GPS just slows the process down. As for cell phones, I recommend that you keep using your CDMA cell phone, as GSM cell phones often have a GPS module combined with a GSM module. Therefore, if you interrupt the task of A-GPS, the communication problem may appear. You should also think about triangulation of cell towers. Assuming the tracker has some software, it can find your raw coordinates between the three closest cell towers. Mobile phones don’t have such results. If you make your GPS module inoperable without GPS signal, you can make calls, send text messages, etc.