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Maybe you can buy a signal jammer

high power handheld signal jammer

In many situations, such as exams and conferences, the use of cell phones is highly inappropriate, and wifi jammer app can make cell phones and Wi-Fi signals unavailable in certain areas. Without a phone and internet signal, we wouldn’t be able to use the phone to the desired effect. However, with the popularity of mobile phones, it is a wearable product, which brings advantages in many situations. Therefore, we have also developed a cell phone signal jammer.

There are many mobile phones in libraries, schools and other places, which brings very serious mobile phone music and affects people’s normal study and work. Using mobile phones at gas stations can cause fires and explosions. The mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station. It will not disturb other electronic devices. Advanced functions and convenient installation. We strictly abide by the quality system, and produce ideal, reliable and safe products that can continue to operate continuously.

When the choice of cell phone jammers is a concern, wireless signal blocking devices are specifically designed for entry into the test room. It adopts multi-band design to completely solve cheating results. We fundamentally deal with the problem of the signal not fluctuating. With this product, you do not have to worry about the adverse effects of mobile phone signals on the surrounding residents. Due to the built-in antenna, some Signal Jammer products can also freely arrange blocked areas. Use military jammers in places where cell phone use is prohibited, such as prisons and public security.