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Maybe someone knows the price of hidden camera jammers

It keeps us online 24 hours a day and we can read the internet every second. In addition to mobile phones, we can also chat with friends and family anytime, anywhere. In today’s mobile phone use, distance is no longer a problem. But the problem is also with the phone. Mobile phone cameras, for example, can monitor bad guys, but they can also be used by bad guys to monitor us.

It can be used to document us in video format, and it can also reveal our personal identities. To clear the phone camera, there will be mobile phone jammers. That said, in most places where silence is required, using a cell phone can create noise problems. Such venues include but do not include extremists, conference halls, theaters, school examination rooms, courts, libraries, cinemas, hospitals, etc. We can now conclude that the use of mobile phones should be restricted in certain public places. The husband used his camera phone to take a photo of the exam and sent it to his classmates.

The operating frequency of the white noise generator covers the audio from the potential listening device. We highly recommend our WiFi/Bluetooth/Wireless Jammer Video Jammer. It is designed to block signals from WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless audio and video frequency bands. And because its total transmit power is 2W, the jammer has the characteristics of low power consumption, harmless to the environment, and harmless to the human body. India has installed hidden camera jammers in parliament and some prisons. Universities in Italy have reportedly used techniques to avoid fraud.