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How to punish students who do not obey the rules and play mobile phones in class? Most provinces in Canada stipulate that teachers have the right to take “necessary” coercive measures in the classroom to maintain teaching order, and some provinces such as Ontario) include more “students using mobile phones in the classroom” in the scope of “disturbance” and “teaching order” is clear. In a Toronto high school, a student used his mobile phone to read e-books in the classroom. The mobile phone was confiscated by the teacher, and the student’s combined protest was eventually rejected.

Recently, many parents in Canada are talking about VHF Tracker Jammers on school campuses:private, or cotton to boast campus: exclusive or The new function is a headache for teachers. GPS denial is becoming a big problem for U.S. military planners. Peer countries, especially Russia, have used GPS spoofing and signal blocker strategies in various training activities near their own borders.

If what they’re doing is jamming, then if you get timing information from a GPS receiver and your receiver is within range of the jammer, you’re getting timing information from jamming signals, so yes, but the USAF could Include the correct timing information in their jamming signal to increase any adverse effects of their movement. We have discussed this situation in depth before, and I recommend that you read this article to understand what the severity of the loss of reliable GPS data is for the United States and its allies in peacetime, and what it takes to refrain from such a grand hindrance measures.