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Many people want to find a car jammer for sale

The signal blocker can not only block the GPS signal, but also interfere with other mobile phone signals. You can choose according to your own needs. This handheld car jammer can block signals within a 20-meter radius, and it’s very convenient to work continuously for 1.5 hours on a single charge. It plays a very important role in people’s lives.

The appearance of mobile phones has indeed brought us great convenience. However, there are places where cell phone use is disgusting: conference rooms guide decisions on whether to stop employees from using cell phones; students are worried about students’ use of smartphones affecting learning during class, and theater operators are also concerned about smartphone jammers Interest, because it can ensure the quietness of the theater, of course, needs to be equipped with a public phone; some retailers are also keen on multi-band mobile phone jammers, because it can avoid customers to check prices through the Internet in the store, so as to obtain higher returns.

In some EU countries, groups are banned from using cellphone jammers legally because they not only disrupt private radio communications, but also block the radios of other important agencies such as the police and fire brigade. Also, emergency calls cannot be sent. Due to the monopoly of radio frequencies by the state, only government departments can purchase jammers, such as the use of jamming equipment in prisons, to prevent criminals from using mobile phones to conduct illegal transactions, such as drug trafficking, jailbreaking, etc. Some government officials use cellphones to stop distractions. Avoid spies tracking, block remote control bombs, etc.