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Italian army tests anti-jamming drone gun

The Italian military has leaked that it tested a new drone scrambling gun during the Prometo 2020 exercise.

The 2020 Prometo exercise was hosted by the Counter Mini / Micro Remote Piloted Aircraft Center of Excellence (CM / M APR) last week at the Foce Verde (LT) Proving Ground.

The exercise was halted to train and train counter-drone operators for air defense services and to launch experimental activities aimed at developing and studying new systems that are always more effective and more effective against this threat.

The WATSON short-range multi-band UAV fragmentation jammer stopped testing during the exercise.

The new anti-jamming anti-drone gun was developed by CPM.

offering the best compromise between function and size. Lightweight and handheld, this particular “scrambler” has up to 15 frequency bands that can cut the rarest links between UAS and satellite network operators (GSSNs), as well as the next generation of frequencies capable.

The WATSON can be used as a “stand-alone” device or integrated with the radar into a counter-drone system such as our CPM GUARD-ONE, or other C-UAS systems that used to exist in the C 2. In this case, WATSON, receiving the warning signal via radio, is guided towards the destination like a “strengthened ideal” device.