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It is impolite to use cell phone jammers casually

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There are many employees in the company who do not want to be bullied, especially some college students in the workplace. Whenever they see that the company’s rules and regulations are unreasonable or the company boss is not reliable, they will choose to resign. The rules set by the boss of the company are basically unreasonable. Allow employees to abide by it. If the employee refuses, they will start rejecting the employee.

In fact, many young people these days want to live a good life as soon as they enter the company. Guidance wants to be guided, and it is more about praise and respect, rather than using a mobile phone signal blocker to prevent employees from surfing the Internet normally. But at first I lost the answer of denial, because the guidance can be very impressed with the behavior of the employees at the beginning, but when the rules are made, they basically do not consider the feelings of the employees, so many employees in the workplace feel that they are performing their duties. , the guidance left me with the impression of being inconsistent.

The Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, together with the Economic and Information Technology Bureau of Kaijiang County and Wanyuan City, investigated and dealt with Tongchuan District and Dachuan District of the 44 mobile base stations that were disturbed by multiple mobile phone amplifiers and mobile phone signal jammer. normal. “There are many mobile base stations disturbed this time, and the communication range is large.” According to the relevant person in charge of the city’s non-regulatory agency, on November 8, they received a call for help from a mobile communication company, saying that users have recently praised more. Slow speeds, poor cell phone signal, difficulty making calls, intermittent calls.