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The manufacturing process of the mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer is very special

The assembly process must be carried out in strict accordance with the standard requirements for environmental protection, which means that no harmful substances will be used during assembly and packaging processes to ensure that our products are safe for people’s health when they are used later on As for the process of cutting, it is […]

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Is it as safe to use a GPS jammer as it is to use a mobile phone while charging?

GPS jamming is a relatively low-cost way to disable tracking devices, and the technology is becoming more and more complex as time goes on. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of these devices have not yet shared their research into the health implications of their products. In this article, I will examine how GPS jammers work, how they’re […]

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Wifi jammers can also be applied to corporate offices, universities, schools and other places where mobile phones cannot be used.

Wifi jammers are used to block mobile phones from being used in certain places. They have been used in schools, playgrounds, offices, and other areas where mobile phones are not allowed. They use new technology that sends radio signals to the cell phone for a short period of time so it will not work properly. […]

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A cell phone signal jammer is an instrument that prevents a cell phone from receiving unauthorised signals.

The cell phone signal jammer is a gadget that prevents the mobile phones in its vicinity from receiving signals. The jammers are legal in many countries but can result in huge penalties if used without proper authorisation. You can get one for yourself if you want to block the signals at your home or office. […]

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Mini Cell Phone Jammer is very useful for us in many public places welcome

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, more and more people like to use cell phones to access network information. In many public places, you can see many people playing with mobile phones, such as elevators, subways, buses, restaurants and so on. Sometimes they may chat loudly on the phone, which is very annoying. But some […]

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In this article,we are going to discuss about the topic

What are signal jammers Signal jammers are devices that intentionally block,jam,or interfere with authorized radio communications such as cell phones,WiFi,and GPS.They can block nearly all types of frequently used communication technologies.Both portable and desktop versions can disrupt Wi-Fi signals up to 20 meters away.However,larger models with higher power can interfere with Wi-Fi signals within a […]

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what is a cell phone signal jammer?

They’re often used by businesses and schools to block wireless signals in an area so they can ensure students and employees aren’t distracted by their phones while working or learning. However, these devices have other applications as well, such as disrupting radio frequencies in order to prevent electronics from communicating with each other properly. They […]

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Sometimes you may be worried that if the cell phone jammer has any harmful to human health?

In the last paragraph, you may think: does the phone jammer have a great impact on human body? Because the cell phone jammer is radiation equipment after all. If it’s too long in that environment, it’s not good for human health at all. So I think it’s necessary to talk about this problem. In fact, […]