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What factors should be paid attention to in the mobile phone signal jammer device?

Why sometimes the signal jammer of Hou equipment does not work, maybe the effect is not good? In terms of installation technology, the following elements must be considered when using signal jammers: The comprehensive elements of indoor shielding are: Consider the horizontal use field empty product of the required shielding area; The floor height of […]

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Jamming radar signals is important for electronic warfare and threat simulation systems

Activation technology enables meaningful characterization of radar, electronic warfare and threat simulation systemsAncient radar/electronic warfare signals (EW) are more diverse than previous signals. greater bandwidth, and interleaved pulse repetition distance (PRI) present measurement challenges as pulses now need to be captured over longer periods of time to check radar modes or electronic attack systems (EA) […]

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Detention center mobile phone signal interference solution

Improve the high-tech defense level of detention centers, enhance the high-tech management capabilities of detention centers, promote the establishment of data information management in detention centers, and promote the coordination of changes in detention centers and promote the modernization of detention center operations from time to time. Reasonable and reasonable control and precautions shall be […]

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How did the “Golden Horde” of the Luftwaffe help bombs overcome GPS failures?

It’s no secret that friendly jamming and electronic warfare can hinder target capabilities, but this new technology aims to address that. The Air Force is taking new steps to bring a promising new technology for in-flight weapons networks to peace. The system is described as a computerized autonomous, cooperative data exchange function between weapons on […]

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Handy cell phone signal jammer

After one-click management, command all the controlled signal jammer equipment, and through software and computer control, complete the introspection, scheduling, monitoring and use of shielding equipment; provide professional, Convenient and intelligent management and service; our company provides various mobile phone signal amplifiers, intensifiers, repeaters and corresponding accessories for various buildings, buildings, underground parking lots, teahouses, […]

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Countries plan to deploy jammers in different locations

Last week, France’s industry minister agreed to a resolution to allow cinemas, concert halls and theatres to set up them – as long as they are set up properly, emergency calls can still be made. But Industry Canada, which oversees the country’s telecommunications, decided not to, saying the devices could violate personal liberty and undermine […]

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Mobile phone signal jammer installation skills

In order to achieve a better shielding effect, what are the tips in the detailed installation process? Let’s take a look. Generally, cell phone jammers are packed tightly. Before using the device, after opening the package, first check whether the host and accessories are complete, and ensure that they are correct before use. Otherwise, contact […]

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What should I pay attention to when buying a mobile phone jammer?

When buying a cell phone jammer, be sure to choose a product that detects the shielding effect. In the selection process, be sure to see if it can block all mobile signals. Different types of shielding installation functions have different functions and efficiencies. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable and distinct shielding installation. […]

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What are the benefits of using a conference room cell phone jammer during a meeting?

Why use cell phone jammers in meetings? Mobile phones are used to transmit voice and data information in the open electronic communication system. Therefore, if the mobile phone information is stolen during the meeting, the loss will be very serious, so most governments or companies will use the mobile phone signal blocker to block the […]

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What are the requirements for confidential meeting management?

The organizer of the conference needs to check the participants according to the confirmed list of participants, by showing the corresponding certificates, verifying their identities, etc., to ensure that the participants are accurate and prevent relevant personnel from entering the venue. For a meeting with a high degree of confidentiality of the content of the […]

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Blocking the signal won’t end the phone’s use

Jamming the cell signal is not foolproof. Cell phone jammer also have a human element. Blocked signals affect legitimate mobile phones as well as banned mobile phones. Mobile reception is completely blocked, jamming blocks all phones and SIM cards within range of the jammer. Guards and other staff could “accidentally” cut power or otherwise disable […]