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I think you should buy some jammers

Today, public WiFi used to be very common. Many homes, schools, and businesses have WiFi networks. People can access the internet more easily, but sometimes we need to cut off WiFi and Bluetooth signals in certain areas. If you can get a signal blocker with adjustable functions, that’s perfect, here will really serve your purpose. They use signal jammers to block their position and that of the vehicle so that no one can find their position. They often place a portable GPS jammer in the car, which can be carried around and can be turned on directly when needed, the location is hidden, and the normal use of other electronic devices is not affected.

This WiFi blocker can adjust GSM 3G 4G cell phone signal and bluetooth at the same time, so that customers can determine the frequency band to block. Check out this 5 Antenna High Power Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone WiFi Jammer to understand more about this bluetooth 4G cell phone jammer depending on the signal strength in a given area. In addition, thanks to the high-quality heat dissipation system, this product can work continuously for one day without worrying about the damage caused by the low temperature of the WiFi Bluetooth jammer during the working period, and has always maintained a good working state. This excellent distraction device is already available in stores at low prices and high quality.

The jammers in our shop are equipped with car chargers for those who want to be in the car. It is very convenient for those who use signal jammers. GPS tracking technology is particularly thriving these days. GPS trackers are small and hard to find. Sometimes it’s hard to know when other people are following us. So when you want to block your location at some point, having a GPS blocker is convenient and cheap, but remember not to use it legally.