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In order to maintain public order in the classroom and prevent students from spending a lot of time in games, the Ministry of Education is considering installing wifi signal jammers in educational institutions at the beginning of the school year. The device can block the transmission and reception of GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signals and wifi waves, and can block the acceptance of the network within a certain range, including sending information, sharing photos, and reading online videos. This means that teachers and students cannot use mobile phones and computers for a certain period of time, which may affect educational work within a certain range, so special permission from the department is required.

Hackers use tube software to break into your phone via your wifi connection to steal information useful to you, or to maintain privacy. These things are very common. In fact, in the United States, the illegal use of any device designed to disrupt effective electronic communications is prohibited. It can only be used in some military, security headquarters, prisons and even theaters.

A GSM jammer is a device that prevents a mobile operator’s transmitter from reaching a spaced environment. That is, WiFi jammers only work on the GSM band of the destination area. As part of a wireless alarm system, the alarm dialer immediately sends a warning signal to a phone number previously designated by the homeowner for maintenance. Thus, the purpose of the GSM scrambler is to prevent the telephone transmitter from transmitting these signals to the receiver. When using a radio jammer, we select it according to its jamming frequency and jamming range, and cannot be used for legal purposes.