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I think you can go buy a cell phone signal scrambler

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We are constantly developing piecemeal countermeasures against cheating on exams, which have been strongly requested by many of our clients. Recently, it was reported that we captured the suspects and accomplices of high-tech cheating in the driver’s license test. We put development and verification in the first place, and finally completed it. a radio wave jammer detects specific radio waves and works with the jammer. This is a new cell phone jammer product that only turns on when necessary to block cell phone signal transmission.

Natural electromagnetic radiation comes from thermal radiation from the earth and the sun. Artificial electromagnetic radiation is a variety of equipment used in broadcasting, television, communication base stations and daily life. Electromagnetic radiation sources are clearly visible in our daily life, such as personal computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi networks, etc. Adults use mobile phones to read old things and shop, and children use mobile phones to connect to the Internet, make friends online, and play games.

This not only affects children’s physical health, but also affects their academic performance, so parents are advised to use mobile phone blockers to increase or prevent children from using mobile phones. With the rapid popularization of communication devices such as mobile phones and tablets, people’s lives have been improved. However, in quiet spaces such as theaters and halls, the ringtones of communication devices and the music of mobile phones have become a serious social problem. If you’re enjoying a key moment in a movie, you’ll be very angry if a fast ringtone interrupts you. At this point, you can prevent this by simply using the Cell Signal Scrambler.