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I suggest you buy a scrambler gps

mini portable cellphone jammer

The function of the gps jammer is to intentionally block or jam, essentially “blocking” the wireless signal to disrupt the communication between the transmitter and the receiving device from the remote control and the receiving device. Disruption has traditionally been used to destroy the communications battlefield of friends. The signal blocker picks up the tones at the opposite frequency, which kills the receiver’s ability to understand the audio being sent. In some countries, cell phone jammers are used as detection devices to prevent citizens from receiving harmful radio signals from neighboring countries. Other types of jammers prevent the reception of the signal without using the noise, so the blocker is unaware of the use of the jamming device.

Car GPS jammers for gadgets to avoid smartphone tracking are very popular. According to The Wall Street Journal, advanced technology “dumpsters” are being corrected on follow-on aircraft or special aircraft. The device has the ability to secretly act as a mobile tower without telling the user the truth. It is now known that government agencies in the United States and other developed countries have successfully built sophisticated instruments that can track information from smartphones, tablets, and various gadgets.

The box collects information about smartphones and other gadgets to track suspects, a process that works without the assistance of a network operator. In addition to the suspect’s information, the trash can collect information on other people, but it will be deleted later. We know that the latter technology is more advanced and successful than other previous government innovations. The U.S. military uses this technology to gather information about people inside and outside war zones. Even US law enforcement officers use this Scrambler GPS to locate criminals, including killers and drug dealers.