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Why stop drones?

Using a drone frequency jammer, you can prevent unauthorized tracking of your people or vehicles. Don’t let your neighbors or anyone else stop spying on your wealth and your family. Many drones are so quiet that you won’t notice them right away, meaning you’re being watched without your knowledge. You do not approve of the […]

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Use of cell phone jammers

For governments and militaries, cell phone signal jammer are very weak. They have been used in a variety of counterterrorism strategies, from blocking radio communications to banning explosives. Stopping criminals and defense forces from communicating is key to thwarting their schemes and their ability to gather and strategize. Civilians concerned about their privacy see jammers […]

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What is a WiFi blocker?

WiFi blocker are just one of many tools that people can use to cut off the communication channel. There are other types of “jammers,” such as radio and cell phone jammers, that help block communication on radio and cellular devices. WiFi Blocker can help you prevent nearby devices from using your WiFi. There are many […]