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How should the signal jammer in the examination room be used wisely?

portable WiFi jammer

The signal blocker device is the standard equipment of the examination room, which provides the basic guarantee for a fair and just environment in the examination room. But if we do not have the correct use of equipment, it will have a bad effect, and may even cause an accident in the examination room. The following gives you the correct way to use the shielding installation.

Test room signal shield after a long period of operation, the ambient temperature of about 40-50 ℃ is normal. If the ambient temperature is too high, the need to shut down and wait, contact the manufacturer to consult the maintenance method.

Affect the shielding area of the cause and shielding equipment spacing and direction, whether there are obstacles, the site building wall material, shielding installation of the relative height, installation standards and specifications. Each antenna has a frequency band mark, the need to correspond absolutely with the band mark on the host. Before the test room portable cell phone jammer is started, to ensure that each antenna articulated safe and reliable, must not be in the absence of articulated antenna condition.

In order to better prevent electronic equipment in the test room signal jammer use process of disturbance, the need to adhere to a certain interval with the audio radio and other equipment. Normal installation height of 1.8 meters-2.5 meters, it is best to choose the purpose of the shielding area between the place without obstacles. Installation of wall-mounted shield, adhere to the antenna vertical up, placed on the desktop antenna must be vertical 90 degrees, the antenna can not be surrounded by AC voltage or other audio and video lines.