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How hackers can track your mobile phone

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There are several different ways to determine the exact location of a mobile phone and its user. The most common use the built-in GPS module or cell tower triangulation. It doesn’t even send GPS coordinates – communicating with cell towers could expose you. But how does this technology work?

This requires access to data about your mobile phone provider’s base stations and their coordinates, which should make it impossible for criminals to access this data. such as or The point here is that the more bases the person has – the more accurate the results will be. Incidentally, this tracking technique is not very accurate. In densely populated areas with many cell towers it becomes 150-300 metres, in rural areas it becomes 2-5 km. Fortunately, it is not possible to get a more accurate location simply by triangulating cell towers.

As a result, it is much easier to find your phone if it has been hacked or compromised by a virus. We recommend always checking the permissions of Android users, as many apps require base station tracking permissions.

Finally, if the coordinates of the nearest cell towers are known – using the signal power from each cell tower – it is not difficult to calculate the phone’s location between the three nearest cell towers. Also, you should be aware that the data transmission speed of a normal GSM or CDMA network gives the offender the opportunity to update the data every 10-15 seconds, so tracking is almost real-time.

Despite such obvious complications, this base station tracking technique is very common and popular as it allows all mobile phones to be tracked, regardless of whether they have a GPS or GLONASS module. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that no one will try to use this type of tracking on you and the only way to protect yourself is to use a decent mobile phone blocker which will not allow your mobile device to connect to a base station unfortunately, even if you turn your smartphone off, it can still be tracked or turned on.