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GPS shielding installation can avoid being tracked by GPS communication satellites

GPS shielding installation can avoid being tracked by GPS communication satellites, regionally affect GPS communication satellite signals, and maintain your track privacy maintenance and information business secrets.

GPS signal is the same as smart phones, vulnerable to electronic components. Signal blocker app can block all signals within a certain range, causing all communication devices within that range to lose their signals.

I did not know that such a good product had been approached by unscrupulous elements to find a breakthrough. If you buy a signal blocker, the car was stolen when the boot, there is no signal in the car, in the service platform on the car will be offline, as if the whereabouts of the car is unknown, you can ‘anyway, can not find.

Car gps jammer can indeed block the GPS signal, but the flaw is that it will block all signals in the car! In other words, the car thief is unlikely to use a communication device such as a smartphone in the vicinity of the car. If he can not find and destroy the GPS device, he must always open the shield, otherwise, he will eventually reveal his trail. So how to use the shield to ensure the following.

You can use the GPS shield installation when you pick up your car, so you don’t have to be afraid even if there is a conspiracy. When you get back to your area, you do not need to shut it down first, but first find an auto repair store for a major teardown. For safety reasons, a car can continue to use more than six months of GPS shielding installation. And make sure the shield can work properly 24 hours a day.