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How can digital frequency jammers ensure safety?

The role of digital frequency jammers is customized by law enforcement officers to block terrorist and meritorious information. Today, digital frequency jammers are used primarily for governmental or official purposes, especially to combat terrorism. For example, scramble communication signals to avoid organized meritorious schemes, short-range remote detonation installations to eliminate fear power, and VIP team escorts to avoid roadside remote bombs.

With the development of communication technology, the jamming modules of digital frequency jammers work in a common way. The digital frequency jammer unit picks up a special jamming signal that will block the remote control receiver. Thus, the digital frequency jammer can avoid executing any coded instructions. At the same time, equipment outside the protected area is not affected.

The jamming module of the digital frequency jammer adopts special code transmission, which can jam the receiver of each communication terminal. This cuts the connection between the cell phone and the base station.

SWAT officers will face many life-threatening situations during missions in friendly areas, such as roadside remote-controlled bombs, human body detonation installations, etc. In this way, many SWAT departments will be equipped with digital frequency jammers to protect them.

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