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GPS jammers have a frequency

Are you at risk of legal surveillance? Can you be told by an unauthorized person when you drive to the supermarket, drive at a children’s school, or go on a date? Maybe you have thought about it? GPS jammers will help you get rid of the risk of tracking. GPS units are very beneficial to our modern life. When we get lost, it can help us find the shortest way. It assists us in many other areas, such as search and rescue. But to do that, we need it first, which means everyone has a chance to find their place. This means we can be found legally. To save ourselves, and to prevent the risk of legal tracking, we have developed GPS jammers. Homemade GPS signal blocker can ineffectively affect the GPS signal, so all GPS jammers in a place can either receive or send a signal and thus won’t work.

We have developed many portable cell phone jammers. The first is our handheld portable dual-band mini jammer with built-in antenna. Its randomization range is 2 to 10 meters. It’s the best-selling GPS jammer for just $100. It is very portable, and the jammer itself weighs only 500 grams. The compact size makes it a low-power jammer that lasts about 2 hours per battery. What’s more, the frequency of this GPS jammer is 1500-1600 MHz. It looks like a phone, and you might be mesmerized by its appearance. In conclusion, this mini portable handheld speaker with built-in antenna is designed for everyday life and is very popular with ordinary users.

The second is our mobile jammer with 5 antenna GPS locator, cell phone and WiFi. This portable signal jammer is a powerful device that can disable all WiFi networks, GPS devices and cell phone signals in the GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth bands. Portable size and sophisticated design make it very easy to use and portable.

In addition, we also introduced the smallest low-power portable signal jammer with GPS function, and the cost of the mobile phone is only 80 US dollars. Blocks GPS and cell phone signals on GSM and 3G. Its scrambling code coverage can reach 15 meters. The improved design and external cooling system allow for extended operation.

We are the most trusted jammer supplier and provide the best jammer products. In our product list, there are more than 200 kinds of jammers, ranging from mobile jammers, GPS jammers, WiFi signal blocker and more. Do you need a good GPS jammer? Do you need to escape the risks that come with it? Need a vacation that your boss doesn’t track? Come to us to choose a reliable GPS locker.