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Cell Phone Jammers Help You Find War

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, waves of electrical energy that travel through space. Every part of our lives uses radio waves of various frequencies. Cell phones can pick up signals over radio waves. The radio wave frequencies used in telephones have several deterrents. Features are also different. Correct use is ineffective. It brings bento to […]

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Cell Phone Jammers to Free You from the Annoyances of Your Life

I heard about traffic accidents. cause serious traffic accidents. There are many risks, such as falls and injuries in unexpected centers. When using a smartphone, it is important to follow the rules and etiquette and use it safely and happily. There are cell phone jammers that disable the signal on your smartphone. You used to […]

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Cell phone jammers can try to do classified tasks

In the annual general college entrance examination, around the general requirements of the provincial party committee and government of “safety, quality and fairness”, “safe college entrance examination, sunny college entrance examination, and warm college entrance examination” are established to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination. Exam, pay close attention to exam discipline. Fair […]

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Cell phone jammers can directly avoid signal fraud

Law enforcement officials say GPS blocker can disrupt GPS signals for time periods of their choosing, preventing law enforcement from obtaining useful information when monitoring and retrieving a vehicle’s GPS track. Because the driver Han violated the relevant rules of the “Chongqing Taxi Passenger Transport Management Method”, he will face a fine of 200 yuan. […]

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Drone Signal Competition – The Importance of Distraction Technology

Potential adversaries in the field of drone jamming – China and RussiaWith the drone industry taking off, some groups and groups have started to use drones for malicious purposes around the world. Many companies are watching this trend and trying to enter the counter-drone industry. They have launched a variety of drone guns, anti-UAS shotgun […]

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U.S. military develops military jammers on a large scale

Using Military Jammers in PeaceTo help deter adversaries from targeting them, U.S. forces can deploy military jammers to make aircraft and troops “invisible” to enemy technology. Avoiding detection can stop ineffective strikes and help keep American soldiers safe. Weapons that can jam or destroy U.S. military and commercial satellites will reach initial operational capability within […]