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Good reasons to use cell phone jammers in movie theaters and theaters

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Often, when entering a movie theater or auditorium, turning off your phone is the most basic etiquette. However, some people ignore these etiquettes and rules anyway. Yes, you are always interrupted when you are watching a movie.

Trying to persuade people to watch the most fundamental social thinking in the movie. If you’ve watched theaters lately, you know that they are often overlooked and have explored other ways to enforce theater ethics.

For new and popular movies, theaters can have a separate auditorium to block cell phone use, but the auditorium will not block the signal. This is more of a tradition in the non-smoking section of restaurants these days. While the use of cellphones in locked auditoriums is still discouraged, those who choose to watch a movie will have to deal with occasional distractions.

Why use a cell phone jammer?
Hollywood movie blogger Alex Billington was one of many who rejoiced at AMC’s swift evacuation. “Texting in theaters completely ruined the movie,” he said. “This is something we have to compromise on socially and culturally.”

In 2014, two women were shot and killed in an altercation over texting at a Florida movie theater. While this is an extreme case, most people would agree that glowing phone screens and finger taps can be annoying.

Some performers take the achievement of disruptive technology entirely in their own hands.

Have these people never been in a movie so well, maybe so deeply into a story that when some sound or shake or light up a few seats they don’t feel a moment of hatred breaking the spell ? Does the achievement begin with disrespect for seat partners, or disrespect for the entertainment media itself?

Of course, the ideal is that all of these are important. In an age where we are forever consumed by group technology, theaters can and should be our initial public sanctuary, and we can only be affected by film and film. If the vision comes from a retro or sophisticated center, that center remains the space for all of us, sitting proudly and defiantly in the dark.

The group believes that theaters should be allowed to install jammer, and there are clear signs of use. If people don’t like that, they are free to spend their money elsewhere. If eventually all theaters use the technology, those people can choose not to go to the movies.