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Experts have mixed feelings about the use of mobile phone signal jammer during the college entrance examination.

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Some experts believe that students should not be allowed to cheat using their mobile phones during exams, while others are concerned that this technology could disrupt important phone calls from parents or relatives. The use of mobile phone signal jammer in schools is currently illegal for ordinary citizens, but it is not clear if this law will change in the future.

According to the relevant laws, high powered cell phone jammer is illegal for ordinary citizens to use. There are exceptions in certain professions such as law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and other areas where urgent work needs to be done without being disturbed by cell phones. But if you’re not in one of those groups and you plan on using a signal jamming device at your exam site or school campus (or anywhere else), you might want to think twice.

The use of mobile phone signal jammers in the college entrance examination can prevent students from cheating with mobile phones.

Mobile phone signal jammer has a shortcoming that it can not distinguish between cheating and normal phone calls.

The device can not distinguish between cheating and normal phone calls, which means that if you use the jammer during the exam, it will interrupt all signals in your cell phone range. If there are many people using cell phones in your school, then it is likely that the mobile phone signal jammers will affect them too.

This makes some experts worried about the use of this type of device because they believe that blocking a certain frequency may also block other important communications, such as emergency services or police officers communicating with each other.

There are many advantages to using 5g blocker during the college entrance examination. First of all, it prevents cheating, which is a serious problem in China’s school system. Students have been found copying homework and even creating fake IDs for other students to cheat on exams. In addition, it also helps prevent students from being distracted by their phones during an exam period. This can be especially useful for students who live far away from campus because they may want to contact their family members or friends while they are taking the test. Lastly, it encourages focus and concentration during the important college entrance examination period when many people take this test multiple times before finally passing and graduating high school or college with honors!

The advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone signal jammer are obvious. If we want to use mobile phone signal jammer, the most difficult thing is how to achieve the perfect balance between preventing students from cheating with mobile phones and fully respecting the freedom of mobile phones. As a result, some teachers insist that it is impossible to block students from cheating with cell phones because they can get points from other aspects in college entrance examination. Therefore, it is not necessary for us to spend too much energy on this issue.