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Whether it’s the bell ringing in class or watching a wonderful performance in the theater, the use of mobile phones can make people around you very distressed. Some dangerous elements conduct short-range surveillance during secret meetings until long-range bombs are triggered. Signal jamming devices vary by type. For these, signal blockers can have drastic disruptive effects.

In recent years, the continuous development of advanced technology, especially the frequent replacement of mobile phones, has completely changed our communication methods and daily life. At present, mobile phones have been widely used, and the frequency bands used by mobile phones mainly include GSM, CDMA, DCS and PCS. Today, with the rapid development of high 3G 4G signals, 5G is also gradually entering the market and will develop rapidly worldwide in the near future. They are easy to use, easy to transport, and much cheaper than jammers with high power and wide jamming range.

Mobile phones have brought us warm and convenient communication, but we regret that some people divert these technologies from their main functions to other areas, or even commit uncivilized or even more serious, malicious or terrible acts. For example, hacking technology steals mobile phone information, contacts, company files, etc., so we need signal jammers to protect ourselves. The price of portable signal jammers is usually around a few hundred dollars, and the interference frequency range is diverse, which can basically meet our needs.