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Classrooms to block cellphone signals, controversial lawyers say it’s not law-abiding

Most Chinese Finance and Economics students expressed support. The person in charge of the project said that he would not prevent the get out of class from being dismissed, and the lawyer said that he did not abide by the law.

China Broadcasting Network, Beijing, May 12. Yesterday, the website of the Central University of Finance and Economics issued an announcement saying that mobile phone signal jammers will be installed in the teaching building and the lecture hall of the annex building. After the news came out, the classmates talked a lot. Beijing lawyers said that the school’s practices neither obeyed the law nor violated the rights of others.

Blocking announcement sparks fierce debate among students
Yesterday, issued a new announcement saying, “In recent years, calling mobile phones, sending and receiving text messages in the classroom has been repeatedly prohibited, which has seriously affected the normal cessation of teaching and academic activities. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, the school has carefully discussed and decided to Install mobile phone signal jammers on the 1st to 7th floors of the teaching building and the lecture hall of the annex building.” The announcement was signed on May 10.

There are many students who have the same supportive opinion as him.

Discussions about the announcement have become routine at Chinese financial forums. Most of the students held supportive opinions, and some students put forward absolutely neutral suggestions, “As long as everyone improves their quality, it is recommended that everyone point their mobile phones towards the teaching building. Vibrate or mute.”

“The principal is also very cautious when examining and approving.” Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Li, the person in charge of the project, the school’s teaching technology service center, proved the matter, and said that the relevant equipment has not been installed, and technical issues are now being discussed. He was mentally prepared for support.wifi blocker

“There will definitely be disputes, and the principal’s consent time is also very careful, so we have done a survey on the forum before.” Teacher Li said that the survey found that it is more common for teachers to use mobile phones to affect discipline in the classroom. Answer questions. phone case. He believes that installing a mobile phone shield can restrain both teachers and students.

In response to the students’ concerns, he explained: “It’s not a complete blockade, it’s just that there are certain class hours in a classroom, and the classrooms will not be blocked during non-class hours.” To open desks in specific classrooms during specific class hours, automation will cost about 50,000 Yuan. Later, he thought about blocking the entire teaching building in unison, but only spent more than 10,000 yuan. He feels that the cost is several times more expensive, because it can be more humane.

After learning that it was “incomplete shielding”, some teachers in the school gave understanding and support. Some classmates also asked, “Can we set aside a part of the classroom when there is no class and block the mobile phone signal? This way we can coordinate the classmates who want to study quietly and the classmates who can be busy with tasks, so that the teacher can choose the classroom according to his needs.” “Everyone is in class. It is necessary to blindly resume classes. This is based on moral self-discipline, but the use of forced law enforcement violates the public rights and interests of citizens.” Wang Weidong, a lawyer from Zhongce Law Firm, believes that this is a legal standard. Violate the rights of others.