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Cell phone signal blocker has become a tool for supervising exams

Whether it’s a midterm or college entrance exam or semester exam, the test scores are the final test norms. Some large-scale exams will directly resolve the future study and life path, so we all take it seriously. Some students know its importance, but cheat in the exam, affecting the fairness and justice of the exam. In order to make the examination more fair, in addition to the invigilator from time to time carefully reflect, but also need some tools, such as cell phone jammer, is a good tool for invigilation.

Cell phone is a rare and effective cheating tool. , basically every classroom will have one. This is to avoid cell phone cheating and set up tools so that you can better monitor the candidates to ensure the fairness of the exam.

While test scores are important, the consequences of cheating are unreal, especially in large-scale exams. Once you are caught cheating, it will not only invalidate your score, but also affect your current credibility. Cell phone signal blockers will render your phone useless, so don’t get lucky. You can only be proud of the consequences achieved after careful study and review.