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Cell phone shield signal shielding becomes more humane and convenient

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Especially in recent years, China’s national defense information, economic information, science and technology information security and safety from time to time by domestic and foreign serious challenges. Under the ancient information technology, Korea also stopped carrying cell phones in military training and activities because of the importance of shielding installation of cell phones. Do not bring cell phones to important centers. The domestic intelligence bureau, military, and important government agencies use cell phones strictly. Even if it is closed, the use of cell phones is stopped.

The presentation of the cell phone jammer has promoted the cell phone jammer to become more humane and convenient . The joints are lined with rated points to ensure the continuity of electricity and magnetism. The cabinet door is installed with stainless steel hinges on the shell. After the cabinet door is closed, the cabinet door and the conductive gasket installed on the drawer are tightened by the positioning card and the bump. To ensure benign contact, ineffective to reach the effect of electromagnetic shielding, the use of very convenient.

In the process of use, when placing the cell phone signal shield, should be placed in the air in a balanced manner, do not shake, the opposite side against the wall to use. Place the main cabinet on top of the storage cabinet, align and lock on the left and right reverse clips. Pay attention to the up and down direction of the main cabinet, and use it in accordance with the application instructions. You can worry about the purchase of the purchase. Cell phone jammer are tested and certified by the National Confidential Technology Evaluation Center.

Cell phone shield factory with two keys to open the main cabinet door left door, take out the spare key for safekeeping. At the same time, the universal key centralized storage or distribution, with the key to open the corresponding number of drawers, the phone is stored in the flannel drawer, and lock the drawer, to shield the phone function. Telephone signal. Cell phone shield in the manufacturing process to fully ensure that the shape size divergence, beautiful appearance, soft and warm to the touch, very convenient and fast in the use of the process. After opening the cabinet door for 30 seconds, the phone can inhibit signal leakage, to complete the ineffective shielding and maintenance of signal resources.