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Cell phone jammers make sense for Mr. and kids

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In fact, the many debates over cell phone use between anxious parents and their children have long been a hot topic. Is it reasonable for students and children to use cell phone jammers? If only there were a better way to deal with cell phone addiction. Psychologists and psychiatrists say children are often addicted to their smartphones because some of their mental and physical needs are not being met. Therefore, in order to deal with this problem, parents should communicate with their children and listen to their thoughts instead of yelling at them or taking away their mobile phones, let alone persuading them. If some parents are temporarily addicted to playing mobile games, they also want their children to get rid of mobile phones. This is an absurd request. You know that the use of cell phones is now banned in many places.

A survey shows that children’s immersion in online games is closely related to parent-child relationship: the better the parent-child relationship, the less likely children are immersed in online games. Only 4.3 percent of children in well-connected families sought comfort in play, compared with 14.8 percent in poor families. This shows that children’s immersion in online games is related to parental care. In order to keep children away from smartphones, parents must reflect on their own behavior and strive to establish a harmonious relationship with their children, rather than ordering their children to break this bad habit. As a parent, your first task is to get rid of the addiction to playing mobile phones. Starting today, the mobile phone signal jammer can not only be used in the examination room, gas station, conference room, etc. You can also purchase a mobile phone signal jammer for legal use by groups. Remember, before shopping for a cell phone jammer online, check your out-of-town brand.