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Cell phone jammers maintain public order

Cell phone signal jammer can effectively prevent cell phone leakage, explosions and noise disturbances, and are mainly used in confidential gathering places, gas stations, prisons, important inspections, hospitals, theaters, etc. ——The sales of its products are called “mobile phone signal jammers”, and another shortlisted product promoted by Jincheng Confidential Company of the State Security Bureau is called “mobile phone signal isolators”, which are market jammer products that separate the quality of mobile phone signals from the bad.

“Mobile phone jammers can only be purchased in the market with power amplifiers, which will interfere with normal communication frequencies to block cell phone base stations, and blocking devices are the protocol level set in mobile technology, just like the cell phone built between the base station and the cell phone. A fake base station, the real network doesn’t know the shape of the phone.”

It has become one of the central places people come to when they are free. which will add to our frustrations and make our routines more regular and healthy. More and more theaters are beginning to install powerful cell phone jammers for cell phone ringtones.