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Cell phone jammers deal with communication problems

An associate professor from the School of Cyberspace Safety at Southeast University explained that two conditions are required to use a mobile phone to catch fire at a gas station. One is that the concentration of the oil and gas mixture on site must reach a certain proportion, and the other is that the power of the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone is large enough to generate sparks on the circuit. So, in fact, a call at a gas station or other functions of a mobile phone can cause a gas explosion, but in real life, this probability is very low. As long as we keep pick-up sites away from air guns, the risk factor is reduced. : “But in real life, our phones transmit infinite power. So their maximum power is far from sparking today. Our phones today are basically touch-enabled smartphones. Compared to older phones, using It’s safer to go because it doesn’t have some mechanical operation, so there’s less chance of sparks.” It looks like a cell phone jammer is the perfect solution to this century’s problem.

The best working principle of mobile phone signal blocker; the working principle of mobile communication is to connect wireless devices (mobile phones, etc.) and signal towers through radio waves within a certain frequency range, and complete data with a certain baud rate, modulation method and sound . In standby mode, the mobile phone communicates with the tower via the broadcast control channel. Once there is a call demand, firstly, according to the specific situation of the nearby channel of the terminal, it will be allocated to the mobile phone service channel according to the request.

At the same time, wireless communication must ensure sufficient signal-to-noise ratio in order to receive and complete communication effectively. According to the above task principle, the mobile phone wifi signal jammer is generally composed of a power supply, an electronic scanning control unit, a segmented radio frequency module unit, an amplifier unit, and a transmitting antenna unit. The scanning signal generated by the signal generator passes through the inverter, enters the oscillator to be modulated to the mobile communication frequency band, and then is reduced by the power amplifier, and the voltage regulator tube controls the power. The reduced frequency sweep signal is transmitted into the air as radio waves. Because the frequency sweep signal affects the audio signal received by the mobile phone (adding the ratio of the noise signal to the device threshold), the mobile phone cannot receive the normal data sent by the signal tower, and the mobile phone cannot establish a normal connection with the signal tower. The communication network between cell phones and cell towers is separate. The mobile phone has no signal and no service system in the search network, so as to achieve the shielding effect.