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Cell phone jammers can directly avoid signal fraud

cell phone signal jammer

Law enforcement officials say GPS blocker can disrupt GPS signals for time periods of their choosing, preventing law enforcement from obtaining useful information when monitoring and retrieving a vehicle’s GPS track. Because the driver Han violated the relevant rules of the “Chongqing Taxi Passenger Transport Management Method”, he will face a fine of 200 yuan. At the same time, the law enforcement team reported the situation to the company that owned the vehicle, and the company suspended the vehicle for three days for rectification. Once found, in addition to handling according to laws and regulations, the vehicles and drivers involved will also be included in the list of key supervision, and the punishment will be reduced according to the circumstances.

Which can protect the problems such as electronic signal fraud, and effectively prevent it. So how do test room cell phone jammers work? In the face of “technologies” with different principles and methods, is there any way to deny the disturbance of these “technologies”? First, let’s take a look at the principle of “high-tech”. While any method or approach will inevitably send or receive signals in the office, office cell phone jammers directly separate the connection from the electrical signal level. Not surprisingly, no downtime can be prevented no matter how shady it is, so this machine has now become the new favorite in major offices and has received a lot of attention.