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Cell Phone Jammers Block Signal Transmission

The State Secrecy Bureau has organized 5 international product consuming enterprises to conduct testing, and qualified products are allowed to be sold. Disruptions from China Mobile’s base stations and China Unicom also led to the suspension of sales of factory products. The National Secret Service then introduced new standards earlier this year that will replace seven new suppliers of certified legitimate products and companies that have come to use the products. At present, more than 100 companies in China consume mobile phone jammers, of which Shenzhen accounts for nearly one-third.

Cell phone jammers are used in many places, so what kind of electronic devices will jammers block? It depends on the radio waves of the signal frequency you use in your electronic device. Some people may want to buy a jammer, but they’re not sure if a cell phone jammer will do what they want or interfere with the device they want to block. What devices do cell phone jammers interfere with? Let’s talk here. A cell phone jammer is an electronic device designed to block different frequency bands according to its specifications. These standards can include many different frequencies on which jammers can be successfully blocked. Therefore, the key to determining whether a jammer will interfere with the device you want is to see whether the operation of the device requires signal transmission.