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Cell Phone Jammers Avoid Fraud

There is a saying, for example, “Mobile phone interference equipment is not harmful to the human body.” Ministry of Education statement. Phone maintenance is an ineffective way to avoid cheating. There are different opinions about this situation. In response to this problem, gps jammer accepted an interview with Chen, the company has 6 years of experience in consumer sales. “I touch this machine every day. It doesn’t work,” he said. Many movie theaters have introduced the device. I installed and used it. There are no unpleasant situations in the human body in these areas.

To make matters worse, the mobile phone has become a “weapon” for many teachers to make do with teachers. During the lecture, it was found that most of the teachers use mobile phones to surf the Internet. Many gentlemen listen to music or play video games in class. Sudden ringing of a cell phone during class is rare and often distracting. Worse still, some gentlemen are using their phones to help them cheat. A new phenomenon of “cyberbullying” has been reported in which Mrs tortures others via text messages and social networks while he stops communicating electronically. Pay attention to class.

Some countries/regions allow companies and government agencies to install GSM signal jammer where the use of cell phones is considered public harassment. India has installed cellphone jammers in parliament and some prisons. Universities in Italy have reportedly used techniques to avoid fraud. Students use camera phones to take exam photos and send them to their classmates.