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The Governors Association for Highway Safety conducted a study of about 350 scientific articles to measure driver concentration while driving. While you may be preoccupied with eating, drinking, talking to passengers, dressing up, music, and other things, cell phones and smartphones are the most serious preoccupations known to exist. Talking while driving is a common […]

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We are constantly developing piecemeal countermeasures against cheating on exams, which have been strongly requested by many of our clients. Recently, it was reported that we captured the suspects and accomplices of high-tech cheating in the driver’s license test. We put development and verification in the first place, and finally completed it. a radio wave […]

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Mobile phone addiction is common these days, and some children have poor self-control. Installing signal jammers can prevent children from playing with mobile phones in class, and can also prevent students from ordering takeaway programs on their mobile phones. Therefore, we recommend using a cell phone jammer. These disruptors protect your child from harmless rays […]

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You should also consider building a video surveillance system in your home. It’s not very expensive, but it’s a very ineffective tool. Avoid using wireless webcams. Wi-Fi cameras are weak, and neighbors can install multifunctional cell phone jammers, which will relatively thwart your efforts. These wireless devices are easy to install, but less reliable. Wi-Fi […]