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Does the mobile phone signal jammer affect wired Internet access?

The mobile phone signal jammer is a very useful device, especially in environments where mobile phones may be prohibited. In addition to classrooms and cinemas, jammers are often used to prevent prisoners from contacting the outside world. But what effects do they have on Internet access? Do they affect both wireless and wired Internet connections? […]

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Can cell phone jammers be used in the classroom? Has any school bought a jammer?

Sure, it’s tempting to try and keep your students on task by taking away their cell phones. But it’s not worth the legal or financial repercussions from school administrators and the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a zero-tolerance policy for radio jamming devices. The FCC regulates all wireless communications, including cell phones and […]

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Will a jammer block one frequency or multiple bands at the same time?

A jammer is an electronic device that blocks reception of signals, like GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile phones by creating a sound that blocks reception of the signal within a particular geographical area. This can be used in places where direct communication is prohibited for various reasons. The simplest form of jammer consists of a source […]

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Cell phone jammer targets unauthorized calls from prisoners

South Carolina authorities are testing a new device aimed at keeping cell phones out of the hands of prisoners. The tool, a cell phone jammer, is being used in the state’s prisons and will block unauthorized signals from reaching inmates. State officials believe that contraband cell phones allow prisoners to coordinate attacks against other inmates […]

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Do not damage the freedom of communication of others when using jammers

You should not use a jammer in a car, bus or truck. A jammed GPS system could cause the driver to lose control and crash, hurting bystanders and themselves. A jammed communications system could prevent the driver from receiving important information about road conditions or traffic jams. And if your jammer interferes with the engine’s […]

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Mobile phone jammer cabinet contributes to information security

Mobile phone jammer cabinet is used to block mobile phones and other electronic devices. The mobile phone jammer cabinet is a metal enclosure that can isolate the signals from the outside of the device without affecting the normal use of the surrounding people or equipment. Mobile phone jammer cabinet have excellent heat dissipation functions that […]