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Cell Phone Jammers Block Signal Transmission

The State Secrecy Bureau has organized 5 international product consuming enterprises to conduct testing, and qualified products are allowed to be sold. Disruptions from China Mobile’s base stations and China Unicom also led to the suspension of sales of factory products. The National Secret Service then introduced new standards earlier this year that will replace […]

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Use of cell phone jammers

For governments and militaries, cell phone signal jammer are very weak. They have been used in a variety of counterterrorism strategies, from blocking radio communications to banning explosives. Stopping criminals and defense forces from communicating is key to thwarting their schemes and their ability to gather and strategize. Civilians concerned about their privacy see jammers […]

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Are phone jammers legal?

As we work with customers around the world, law enforcement and the military, we ask all potential customers to conduct their own research for their geography and make informed decisions before ordering and using them. Many countries prohibit the use of not only phone jammers, but all types of signal jammer. It should be noted […]