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Mobile phone jammers affect the lives of surrounding residents

Schools “separated by a wall” from their communities tend to hold exams on weekends, while surrounding communities are “completely devoid of signal”. “Can schools reduce the range of cell phone jammers without affecting our living needs?” Recently, some readers reported their “special troubles”. “This year, from New Year’s Day to now, Hefei No. 1 Middle […]

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Cell phone jammers can help you out of trouble

What’s the most important thing in buying a cell phone jammer? Product specifications and features are important. Many customers consider product performance and other factors. Upon receipt of the item, you will receive an instruction manual. As you read the description, you’ll notice key specs like frequency, working radius, battery, and warranty. Many manufacturers specify […]

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The stronger the field strength, the worse the shielding effect of the mobile phone jammer

The working principle of mobile communication is that within a certain frequency range, wireless devices (mobile phones, etc.) and base stations communicate through radio waves, and complete data and sound transmission with a certain baud rate and modulation method. Once there is a need for a call, the mobile phone will be allocated to the […]

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U.S. military develops military jammers on a large scale

Using Military Jammers in PeaceTo help deter adversaries from targeting them, U.S. forces can deploy military jammers to make aircraft and troops “invisible” to enemy technology. Avoiding detection can stop ineffective strikes and help keep American soldiers safe. Weapons that can jam or destroy U.S. military and commercial satellites will reach initial operational capability within […]

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Do cell phone jammers installed in school exams really work?

School exams are used to prevent students from transmitting information on their phones, leaking exam papers, and cheating on exams. Some are also to prevent teachers from bringing test papers and leaking test paper information, which will adversely affect the current examination. It will be affected by the signal strength of the nearby base station, […]

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Good reasons to use cell phone jammers in movie theaters and theaters

Often, when entering a movie theater or auditorium, turning off your phone is the most basic etiquette. However, some people ignore these etiquettes and rules anyway. Yes, you are always interrupted when you are watching a movie. Trying to persuade people to watch the most fundamental social thinking in the movie. If you’ve watched theaters […]

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Is the jammer radiation problem really as serious as it says?

To prevent students from using cell phones, schools often use jammers to deceive. For security and management considerations, prisons can also use mini jammers to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world and increase the threat to the prison. If used properly, mobile jammers are a relative advantage. Those who are constantly on the […]

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Jamming radar signals is important for electronic warfare and threat simulation systems

Activation technology enables meaningful characterization of radar, electronic warfare and threat simulation systemsAncient radar/electronic warfare signals (EW) are more diverse than previous signals. greater bandwidth, and interleaved pulse repetition distance (PRI) present measurement challenges as pulses now need to be captured over longer periods of time to check radar modes or electronic attack systems (EA) […]