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 the jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end frequency at a certain speed during the working process

It is important to store the high power handheld signal jammer properly. Do not close the cell phone jammer frequently during work. After work, turn off the power and place it in a place where it is safe. Do not place it near radio equipment to avoid affecting the operation of radio equipment. If you use it […]

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If you misuse a GPS jammer, it can be very dangerous.

The technology, which uses satellites and radio signals to pinpoint the location of vehicles and people, is critical to the military, national security and the economy. But it isn’t foolproof. And as more people rely on GPS, the threat from jamming grows. In March 2012, a man was sentenced to 13 months in prison for […]

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Experts have mixed feelings about the use of mobile phone signal jammer during the college entrance examination.

Some experts believe that students should not be allowed to cheat using their mobile phones during exams, while others are concerned that this technology could disrupt important phone calls from parents or relatives. The use of mobile phone signal jammer in schools is currently illegal for ordinary citizens, but it is not clear if this […]

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The use of cell phone jammer during exams is controversial, but is a good measure to prevent cheating during exams.

In the world of education, cheating is one of the most serious offenses that a student can commit. It not only hurts other students, but also undermines both the student and the teacher. In this post, I will discuss cheating in exams, specifically by using cell phones or other digital devices. Overall, I think it’s […]

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The manufacturing process of the cell phone jammer manufacturer is very special.

As we all know, the jammer can interfere with the signals of the mobile phone, making our phone unable to communicate normally. It is widely used in government departments or important conferences, schools and prisons. What kind of process does a mini portable cellphone jammer manufacturer need to do in production? First you need to […]

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Handheld GPS signal jammer is a portable multifunctional jamming device.

As GPS becomes an increasingly popular tool for tracking people, vehicles, and even packages or shipments, it’s no surprise that there is a growing demand for handheld GPS signal jammer devices. A portable multifunctional jamming device can offer you all the advantages of a jamming system, but with greater flexibility and ease of use. In […]

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Brand awareness of mobile phone signal jammer determines equipment reliability

Mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers are now many, but a small number of brands to guide the market. I think, a good brand should have the following four characteristics: The brand awareness of mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers is a direct embodiment of the company’s strength. This is not only a reflection of the strength […]