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Car GPS signal blocker will affect the cell phone network signal?

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In today’s society, the use of wireless cell phone signal blocker is becoming more and more common, many places need signal blocker, so there are some car companies and special places need to shield the vehicle GPS positioning system.

So here we need to use the GPS jammer, some users will worry about whether it will affect the cell phone network signal. If the GPS wireless signal shield is turned on, the phone can still make calls.

Here the need to clarify, shielding GS signal will not affect the normal call.

First: the most direct is to remove the GPS host of the two lines. This is one of the most foolish ways.

Second: go to the electronics market to buy a GPS signal jammer, but first of all, you have to distinguish what signal tracking method is used by the GPS in your car. Signal tracking as long as two ways.

(1) cell phone signals.

(2) direct satellite tracking signal. Most common GPS tracking signals use cell phone signals, as this method allows GPS operators to make more money. GPS signal jammer housing has 1 antenna, 2 antennas and 3 antennas. One thing to remember is to look for brands, many of which are made by small workshops. Not very effective. Remember to figure out which signal tracking your car utilizes before you purchase.