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Can schools install and buy wifi jammers?

5G signal jammer

Some people have questions about wifi jammers: “The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the school, is this really okay? Teachers teach upstairs, and many gentlemen downstairs are using mobile phones. I think it is difficult to install wifi bugs outside.” The school, but Legal treatment is a big issue.

If radio waves are to be emitted, permission from the broadcaster is required. In addition, if only weak radio waves were emitted, it would violate the rules of radio law, and it is difficult to imagine that other machines in the area would be affected.

Powerful portable signal jammer are one of those specifications that many electronics manufacturers are familiar with and scrutinized. Although WiFi networks have been used in many areas of life, they are suitable for rare access control security systems, as well as WiFi networks for in-vehicle security systems and robots.

The wireless blocker also supports indoor cover. The power of the internal antenna can be distributed to the external antenna distribution system through the power divider. This is a typical configuration for shopping malls and airports and can meet typical high-density residential calling needs. The wireless signal of the entire building can also be covered indoors. However, this can improve signal quality and increase interference and echo.