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Mobile phone jammer cabinet contributes to information security

Mobile phone jammer cabinet is used to block mobile phones and other electronic devices. The mobile phone jammer cabinet is a metal enclosure that can isolate the signals from the outside of the device without affecting the normal use of the surrounding people or equipment. Mobile phone jammer cabinet have excellent heat dissipation functions that […]

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What is the signal jammer trying to tell us?

Signal jammers were developed as a way to combat this invasion of privacy. Signal blockers are devices that block or interfere with communications between cellular phones and their service providers’ networks. They can be used to prevent unwanted calls, protect against attacks on mobile phone networks, or prevent electronic devices from being tracked by GPS. […]

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In this article,we are going to discuss about the topic

What are signal jammers Signal jammers are devices that intentionally block,jam,or interfere with authorized radio communications such as cell phones,WiFi,and GPS.They can block nearly all types of frequently used communication technologies.Both portable and desktop versions can disrupt Wi-Fi signals up to 20 meters away.However,larger models with higher power can interfere with Wi-Fi signals within a […]

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what is a cell phone signal jammer?

They’re often used by businesses and schools to block wireless signals in an area so they can ensure students and employees aren’t distracted by their phones while working or learning. However, these devices have other applications as well, such as disrupting radio frequencies in order to prevent electronics from communicating with each other properly. They […]

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Sometimes you may be worried that if the cell phone jammer has any harmful to human health?

In the last paragraph, you may think: does the phone jammer have a great impact on human body? Because the cell phone jammer is radiation equipment after all. If it’s too long in that environment, it’s not good for human health at all. So I think it’s necessary to talk about this problem. In fact, […]

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The best way to keep people from making unwanted calls is through the use of a jammer.

We’ve all had that feeling of dread when we see a friend or family member’s phone number pop up on our caller ID. The same goes for robocalls—those annoying prerecorded calls from telemarketers and spammers that have only gotten more aggressive lately. Fortunately, there are ways to block these intrusions on your peace and quiet. […]

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Cell phone jammers are illegal in most countries due to the amount of interference they create.

Cell phone jammers are devices that prevent cell phones from transmitting or receiving signals to nearby towers, effectively disabling the phone. They work by emitting a signal on the same frequency as a cell phone, which blocks any incoming or outgoing calls that travel through its broadcast area. Cell phone signal jammer were originally designed […]

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Drones are an increasingly important part of modern life, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants them around.

Introduction Few technologies have been adopted as quickly in the 21st century as drones, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion of them. Some people aren’t thrilled with how they were used in warfare, and others just don’t want them flying around their neighborhoods. Still, there’s no denying that drones have become an […]

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DroneJammer can prevent drones from surveying a particular location, sending data or relaying audio or video.

DroneJammer is a new gadget that prevents drones from surveying a particular location, sending data or relaying audio or video. The device works by jamming the radio signals that are used to control the drone and send live footage back to the drone pilot. It consists of three main parts: an SDR (software-defined radio) module […]