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Detention center mobile phone signal interference solution

Improve the high-tech defense level of detention centers, enhance the high-tech management capabilities of detention centers, promote the establishment of data information management in detention centers, and promote the coordination of changes in detention centers and promote the modernization of detention center operations from time to time. Reasonable and reasonable control and precautions shall be […]

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How did the “Golden Horde” of the Luftwaffe help bombs overcome GPS failures?

It’s no secret that friendly jamming and electronic warfare can hinder target capabilities, but this new technology aims to address that. The Air Force is taking new steps to bring a promising new technology for in-flight weapons networks to peace. The system is described as a computerized autonomous, cooperative data exchange function between weapons on […]

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Russian, Ukrainian border troops boost GPS harassment

Two recent reports from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe describe the recent addition of GPS jammers, capable of originating from Russian or pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. This is because Russia has increased troop numbers and activities in the border area with Ukraine. The OSCE’s obligation is to establish a Special Monitoring Mission […]

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Handy cell phone signal jammer

After one-click management, command all the controlled signal jammer equipment, and through software and computer control, complete the introspection, scheduling, monitoring and use of shielding equipment; provide professional, Convenient and intelligent management and service; our company provides various mobile phone signal amplifiers, intensifiers, repeaters and corresponding accessories for various buildings, buildings, underground parking lots, teahouses, […]

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Mobile phone signal jammers can generally be divided into two categories

Ordinary cell phone signal jammer The technical characteristics of ordinary mobile phone signal jammers are mainly based on the shielding principle, using a small number of low-power or high-power devices to stop the confrontation and stay on complex technical solutions. Ordinary cell phone jammers are much lower than high-quality cell phone jammers in terms of […]

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Do you know the misunderstanding of shielding installation in the examination room?

The test room protective cover has become an indispensable auxiliary tool for the test room, which provides a guarantee for the information security of the test room. However, if we do not use the equipment reasonably, there will be poor actual results and even accidents in the examination room. The reasonable operation method of testing […]

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US special forces will soon use manual signal transmission to destroy drones

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) has acquired an undisclosed number of manually-launched unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) that can thwart enemy electronic signals in “disputed areas.” The Defense Department did not provide details about the capabilities of the “secret” drone developed by the Hornet program, but noted that the tiny aircraft was designed to […]

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GPS Jammers Designed for Cars

Installation equipment requires a radio station license. By transmitting weak radio waves from the mobile base station of the opposite frequency to the radio waves that tell the message, the communication is blocked, and subsequent status logout and polling become impossible, so the display of the mobile terminal becomes “out of service area”.” Repression. We […]


Prisoners will be banned from using mobile phones in prison under new UK law

In order to strengthen the implementation of the ban on mobile phones in prisons, the relevant departments will require communication companies to prohibit the use of unauthorized communication equipment. The measure would be legislated under one of the felonies in the law. Warden Andrei said: “Although the previous series of security measures did not work […]