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Mobile phone shielding equipment is required in many places

In the early days of the mobile communication era, national network agencies auctioned frequencies to mobile communication operators with the highest bid. Beforehand, each network operator was assigned a separate frequency for use. Therefore, the current legal situation regarding the acceptance and use of hand-held interceptors is as follows: in the GSM frequency range, only […]

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How can digital frequency jammers ensure safety?

The role of digital frequency jammers is customized by law enforcement officers to block terrorist and meritorious information. Today, digital frequency jammers are used primarily for governmental or official purposes, especially to combat terrorism. For example, scramble communication signals to avoid organized meritorious schemes, short-range remote detonation installations to eliminate fear power, and VIP team […]

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Monitoring drone jammer avoidance places

To shield the signal, the interferer transmits radio frequency power (CW+ modulation) at the opposite frequency to the enemy link or network. The friend’s receiver (the “listening” part) will receive both the drone signal jammer transmission and the “companion” transmission. If the drone interferes with the “companion”‘s power supply, the “receiver” will not be able […]

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Mobile Jammers Can Avoid Hidden Cameras

With our scenic step-by-step instructions, a desktop jammer can be easily used by anyone who wants to protect themselves from prying eyes. Signal switches can be used in cars, houses, apartments, offices, commercial spaces, warehouses, classrooms and amphitheaters, hotels… Desktop portable cell phone jammer are commonly used commercially. Business owners, employers, managers and administrators can […]

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Mobile phone jammers are products with relatively wide coverage

4G cell phone jammer are independent shielding products, and cannot be called maintenance systems. The maintenance system can be called centralized control. The application of a variety of shielding products can be integrated to provide a highly centralized control of the shielding product forming system. A series of smart phone screen management systems developed by […]

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WiFi jammers ensure adequate sleep

In some situations, cell phone calls can interfere with other people, such as in movie theaters, classrooms, or conference rooms. Some places prohibit phone calls. Prisons install wifi jammers to prevent inmates from calling themselves. This kind of “interference” is inappropriate in the hands of the group, and it is expensive and energy efficient. They […]

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GPS jammers maintain our position

Need to fully consider the impact of practical equipment. We provide a strong guarantee from the technical level. Useful for meeting various interference requirements. Without advanced consumer technology, the use of cell phone jammers cannot carry forward such effects. The quality can be greatly improved. It is the advantage of professional mobile disturbance equipment manufacturers. […]