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Stay away from hackers and keep your information safe. You need a signal jammer!

With the rapid development of the mobile phone market, smartphones were once a must-have tool for everyone today. With the advent of more and more scientific products, we also have to face various problems. Among them, hackers are constantly a big trouble. Hackers find that mobile devices are more vulnerable than computers. Your phone understands […]

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Analysis of the reasons for missed and false positives in the current mobile phone signal detector + mobile phone jammer solution

At present, all kinds of mobile phone signal detectors and their linked mobile phone jammers in the international market generally have false positives and false positives. The reasons are as follows: False alarm: The mobile phone signal detection machine or the mobile phone signal detection system detects the change of the near field strength of […]

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Military camp wireless WiFi cover can cause leakage, arousing high concern

In mid-February 2019, a consultant from an organ of the Guangzhou Military Region went to a subordinate unit to conduct confidential reflection. When he checked the network settings of a laptop in his office building, he noticed WiFi signals popping up every now and then. He hurriedly opened the network settings interface and found that […]

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Traffic police with cell phone signal jammer

The police from the Traffic Police Detachment and the Fourth Brigade police directly used mobile phone signal jammers to enforce the law at the Wutai intersection in Laishan District. Since the launch of the “Xunlei” rectification of serious traffic violations, the city’s traffic police departments have used all equipment and adopted unconventional measures to rectify […]

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Classrooms to block cellphone signals, controversial lawyers say it’s not law-abiding

Most Chinese Finance and Economics students expressed support. The person in charge of the project said that he would not prevent the get out of class from being dismissed, and the lawyer said that he did not abide by the law. China Broadcasting Network, Beijing, May 12. Yesterday, the website of the Central University of […]

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How to give full play to the role of mobile phone signal jammer?

When technologically advanced mobile cheating methods are widely used, the maintenance of discipline and order in the examination room will also increase the difficulty and pressure. Especially after being familiar with the task principle of shielding equipment, the functional advantages of professional equipment can be expressed from different angles. As we all know, the technical […]

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Cheating can be described as a high-tech “spy war” Who will ensure fairness in the exam?

Unattended radio stations, radio walkie-talkies, invisible earphones… High-tech equipment that can only be shown in spy movies, are now used by some criminals in various exams. The college entrance examination, public examination, postgraduate entrance examination, etc., one after another “cheating radio waves” challenge the fairness of the examination. The examination room presents “mysterious radio waves”, […]

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The drone industry is booming, international regulation is pale, and hidden worries are hard to hide

With the advancement of the industry, the maturity of technology, the deepening of professionalism, and the presentation of cost-effective drone products, drones are gradually flying into the homes of ordinary people, which undoubtedly reminds the popularity of the drone industry. However, recently, unqualified “black flying” incidents have been frequently exposed in many places around the […]

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US prisoners use drone delivery to escape jail

The South Carolina Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement attested on July 7 that Jimmy Causey, who escaped prison a few days earlier, was arrested that morning. Perform jailbreak. Drones are an innovative product, but they are often used by people with ulterior motives to do law-abiding things, and there are hidden dangers of law-abiding […]

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A new type of UAV jamming and blocking device is on the market!

The UAV jamming and blocking installation interferes with the data link and navigation chain of the UAV, cuts off the communication between the UAV and the remote control, thereby forcing the UAV to automatically descend or drive away, ensuring the safety of high-altitude airspace is the guarantee of safety. Guard large events and important places. […]