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I think you can go buy a cell phone signal scrambler

We are constantly developing piecemeal countermeasures against cheating on exams, which have been strongly requested by many of our clients. Recently, it was reported that we captured the suspects and accomplices of high-tech cheating in the driver’s license test. We put development and verification in the first place, and finally completed it. a radio wave […]

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Is it legal to use cell blockers to interfere with signaling in schools?

It makes people’s lives more efficient, more accessible, and more informative. In people’s daily life, they will no longer be separated from wireless communication technology. On the other hand, the electromagnetic radiation of radio signals can also have a great impact on human health, which can be handled by mobile phone jammers. In addition, smartphones […]

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Does anyone know the price of video jammers in India

You can choose the right one. Using wifi jammers to avoid information leakage and avoid costly data loss can help with security. By suppressing this normative signal within a specific operating radius, the device can completely suppress spy errors and camera operations. Start connecting. Effectively blocks all communications. Introducing this high power smartphone jammer will […]

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Do you know how aluminum foil blocks wifi

Whether it’s the bell ringing in class or watching a wonderful performance in the theater, the use of mobile phones can make people around you very distressed. Some dangerous elements conduct short-range surveillance during secret meetings until long-range bombs are triggered. Signal jamming devices vary by type. For these, signal blockers can have drastic disruptive […]

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Where can we find good cheap anti-signal jammers

With the use of mobile phones, distance is no longer an issue. But problems followed. In other words, in most places where silence is required, using your phone can lead to noise problems. These places include but do not include restricted conference halls, theaters, school examination rooms, courts, libraries, cinemas, hospitals, etc. Therefore, the use […]

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Many people will like tinfoil phone

Mobile phone addiction is common these days, and some children have poor self-control. Installing signal jammers can prevent children from playing with mobile phones in class, and can also prevent students from ordering takeaway programs on their mobile phones. Therefore, we recommend using a cell phone jammer. These disruptors protect your child from harmless rays […]

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Do you want to know where to buy a drone signal jammer

You should also consider building a video surveillance system in your home. It’s not very expensive, but it’s a very ineffective tool. Avoid using wireless webcams. Wi-Fi cameras are weak, and neighbors can install multifunctional cell phone jammers, which will relatively thwart your efforts. These wireless devices are easy to install, but less reliable. Wi-Fi […]