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GPS jamming in the military and the reaction of different countries

This is the fourth round of GPS jamming by North Korea since 2010. Previous attacks affected around 1,000 civilian aircraft and South Korean military drones. a 2012 attack reported that a GPS-based car navigation system affected the capital city of Seoul. South Korean officials stressed that the attack did not cause serious GPS jamming because […]

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Mobile phone jammer applications

Mobile phone jammers were originally developed for law enforcement and the military to jam criminal and terrorist communications. bombs dropped in Spain in March 2004, as well as those detonated in Bali in October 2002 and Jakarta in August 2003, were detonated by mobile phones. A mobile phone jammer reportedly prevented an assassination attempt on […]

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Can a signal blocker block all signals?

The working principle of mobile communication is to establish a connection with the surrounding base stations during the communication process, then access the core network, and finally find the communication destination. In the whole process, all information is carried and transmitted through electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave frequency band used by mobile phones is related […]

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Drone jammers play an important role in government secret information security

The government’s anti-reconnaissance management has been upgraded from time to time, and this time it is unilaterally equipped with a drone jamming system. According to the current situation of many drones flying around, I also want to solve some safety problems in the control area, which is to let people find a suitable direction, so […]

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The conference room is equipped with a public recording interceptor to maintain the company’s trade secrets

In the past two years, too many Internet companies have failed to implement their own security measures, resulting in information leakage and obtaining the central element of corporate competition. A few days ago, the audio of Nanjing Internet companies bidding for a recording signal jammer was exposed again. Why has the information leaked repeatedly become […]

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Drone solves major case of illegally delivering drugs to drug rehab center

With the development of science and technology, the means of criminals are also constantly improving. Drones have become a major tool for criminals, especially drug offenses. The drug rehab center has not installed a drone harassment system for a long time, because the management found that there are continuous drones around the drug rehab center. […]

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The police station strictly deploys anti-drone equipment to combat high-tech meritorious service

The ways of high-tech meritorious service are becoming more and more diverse. The use of drones has seriously affected the housing of citizens and has become a serious problem that plagues the public. This time, the use of drones is constantly being discovered in a certain community. After the citizens called the police, the police […]

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How to test the invalid blocking interval of cell phone signal jammers in the hospital?

Many users say that the installation of shielding is ineffective, and the actual shielding radius is short, but many of them are formed incorrectly. The most feasible way is to field test various mobile phones. The test should not be too one-sided: use multiple multi-band mobile phones to test the shielding effect of the mobile […]

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I suggest you buy a scrambler gps

The function of the gps jammer is to intentionally block or jam, essentially “blocking” the wireless signal to disrupt the communication between the transmitter and the receiving device from the remote control and the receiving device. Disruption has traditionally been used to destroy the communications battlefield of friends. The signal blocker picks up the tones […]