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Are phone jammers legal?

As we work with customers around the world, law enforcement and the military, we ask all potential customers to conduct their own research for their geography and make informed decisions before ordering and using them. Many countries prohibit the use of not only phone jammers, but all types of signal jammer. It should be noted that the signal detector is passive and has no restrictions.

Phone jammer were eventually developed by the military and law enforcement to assist in disrupting adversary communications. Law enforcement and military use are numerous and can save lives.

Most phone jammers today can jam regular cell phone signals without disturbing the frequencies used by law enforcement and first responders.

Since 2004, France has allowed phone jammers in places where silence is enforced. French citizens can now use phone jammers in movie theaters and other performance venues.

India uses jammers in political venues and prisons. Even Italian universities use jammers to help avoid Mr. cheating.

The trend is that as technology improves, jammers will gradually become legal in more jurisdictions.