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A multi-layered approach to blocking contraband

Create a new way to block communications and contraband, and people will find a way around it. A hybrid approach works best and leaves the prisoner guessing. It also helps prevent “assistance” from outside sources, as different people perform different tasks.

Restrict the export of contraband. Visible features such as metal detectors and X-ray equipment deter smuggling. Portable inspection installations, random screens, and trained staff can also handle this.

On more “smart” contraband smugglers, tall fences and nets, drone jammers, security checks, etc., remove extra units. Particularly useful are signal detectors. It locates cells, video and audio transfers to allow rapid deletion.

Cell phone signal jamming is useful for cell phones that manage to pass by. Overlapping emitters avoid midfixes. Repeated signal detection and exit search detect outgoing audio.

Common detection is used to locate cell signals, wireless audio and video taps. The frequency range is 25MHz to 6000MHz.

Pinpointing the signal allows prison officials to remove the phone the moment it is flipped open. The cell phone detector unit is compact and portable. Frequent periodic and random usage can prevent predictable communication.

people make a difference
People are the most important success factor in prison contraband control. All training, technology and cutting-edge tactics will fail if employees ignore them. The human factor is the thinnest and strongest point of any device security system.

Highly qualified, well-trained and motivated officers and staff make a difference. Refresher courses with technology deployments keep learning fresh. Timely attention to HR performance can increase the lure of erosion.

Nothing can replace human ingenuity. As long as prisoners innovate, staff can develop countermeasures. Tools like right-hand detectors and jammers eliminate many cell phones.