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A jamming device that protects the privacy of information and whereabouts

It corresponds to most signal bands and avoids harmful radio waves. It also uses the GPS signal band in common, so you can maintain your privacy and secrecy.

You can block the radio signals you want in a way that people notice. Don’t worry if someone is setting you up. It’s stealthy. It’s black and doesn’t pay attention to people. With this jammer, peeping devices like bugs are the most suitable. You can avoid anyone peeking at you again. I am no longer afraid.

Quality can be maintained and available for rental and commercial use. Our company is the oldest store, so don’t worry! Charging is also very convenient. GPS jammers can also be used in the car! Not only can it be used when charging from an outlet, but it can also be used for car charging. Cell phone jammers also have the following precautions!

It is very dangerous to continue to use it for a long time, because it will cause the host to heat up. So take a break and apply it! Depending on conditions such as distance from the base and obstacles, WiFi jammers can have different radio wave blocking ranges. Please note! If the distance between the mobile phone and the base station is very close, and the radio waves are strong, the original effect may not be exhibited. Perhaps, depending on the model, it may take some time to separate the service area, or the radio waves may weaken but not exceed the service area.